L'avènement de la femme​-​insecte


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released January 26, 2014

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Modern Thom @Studios L'Echo.
All songs written, composed and edited by Ed Warner.
Ed Warner is Jérôme, Thomas, Guillaume & Charles.
Thanks to all the people who listen to our music and follow us.
Special thanks to Mateo for the artwork, Martial and Morgan for being there when we need it and for the coffee
Marie- Laure is singing on Anti-hero.
Very special thanks to our family for letting us live our passion !



all rights reserved


ED WARNER Charleville Mézières, France

Screamo-indie band from France.

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Track Name: Bye Bye Monogamy
Et si cette langoureuse passion n’était qu’une impasse de plus ?
Un grand cirque, un foutoir qu’on aurait créé de toute pièce !
God and Jesus both were polygamists
Not just married but polygamists
Un voile sur nos yeux cimentés par les puissants et les siècles
La monogamie et la viduité ont le privilège de servir les idoles
Modern times, blinded tongues, worried spirit, a problem when we try to hide it
It acts without our knowledge because there's nothing more we can repress
We're not interested in living, we want something that is predictable
that this person is going to be there when we get home
And it doesn't matter if we compromise, it doesn't matter if sex has become automatic
Or you gotta do authentic things to make it interesting to you
It doesn't matter we're gonna make this work
Because we're terrified to be free
Nature always choose for the most efficient option
A way to secure life, our own blood, our own future
But Man, full of greed and faith
has chosen the secure and single partner
Animals built with instinct and with urge
Sexual thoughts govern you and me even though our family ...
As long as moral stands, we will refrain it
What are you gonna do when it falls into … You lie !
You lie, telling us about morality, but everyhting deals with sexual urges
We're all watching the same sky
Hérésie est la discipline de la monogamie
Fardeau, Impudente infirmité de la chair
Inutile conflit contre nos prédispositions naturelles …
Asymétrie fondamentale entre les sexes.
Track Name: Chemasymetrics
Here and now, crooked life
Black and White, Left and right
Drived by asymetry, Asymetric rules of life
A part of me that breathe you
The other needs to kill you first
Reason, Passion, Heresy
This defines Humanity
We must require Equality
Chemical assymetry
Left and Right, reptilian Brain
versus the logical ways of reason
Science of Opposites, I’ve seen white while i think Black
So quiet but burning inside, leading to the eternal lie
From birth to the end of your last breath, two sides
Siège analytique de la logique froide, mathématique
et du verbal séquentiel, une préférence pour le détail et une tendance à la complexité
Siège analogique et passionnel, conscience émotive et intuitive
Une préférence pour la globalité, l'imagination et une tendance à l'expérience, à l'erreur donc à la déduction
Most of these sensations that we experienced are chemicals
When you see somebody to whom you're attractive
There is a chemical release, it's about perpetuating the species
Everyone's a criminal, only us can live our lives
Complex chemistry for the freedom of choice
Atypic brain industry and I can't rise above
Everyone's a criminal, only us can live our lives
Track Name: Scolopandre
Yes I'm talking about insects
Battalions of mindless soldiers
Entering the contest with keep abilities
Beyound our imagination
And If you, at this moment, dare to think this is lunacy
I bet you remain in your seat
Waiting for the inevitable destiny of ignorance
Them, fucking Bugs
The stick, they climb, they bite, they kill
They grow, they bite, they spread, They operate you
Even if you're ok to live among them
Longtemps on rampe sur cette terre comme une chenille
Dans l'attente du papillon splendide et diaphane que l'on porte en soi
Et puis le temps passe, la nymphose ne vient pas, on reste larve
The smaller they are, the more they terrify us
They can be beauty, they can mean hate
Like a billion of stars, they fascinate
Like a single emperor, they dominate
Moving constellation of stars, is a part of life elementary cycles
Multiple entities of a nation
We do not reign on Earth
Because actually, they do, Death bringers
Loved like ladybirds but hated like spiders.
Though Competitors, and diseases vectors
The promess of a caterpillar never engage the butterfly
And for the take-off of it, all the sky is needed
Here is another evidence leads me to the following belief
I'll tell it to you once, I'll tell it to you silmply, in terms that noone wants to ear
If any living species is to reign on the earth, it would not be Man.
We would face competition for the Earth itself
From a life form we arrogantly ignore
We would be on the run, deposed and succeeded
By an army that was here a long time before us
And is automatically better equiped to survive than we.
Track Name: Convergence de toutes les peurs
Against all universal law, against all natural law.
Human thought creates and delivers the most primary fears.
Unbreakable yoke of the scarecrows
It just allows the systems to control, to keep their power alive.
The more we look at the future, the more our own past evaporates.
Blind and selfish man, then so controlable
Usual faiths atrophy our brains and makes us obedient
Ignorance, Fear, agressiveness, Hatred and finally war.
Perfect conditioning, pyramid of fear, which only generates courage
Perfection is no interest. What dominates is the contents,
The fear, the fear of being loved,
Th truth, lacks of self-confidence.
So scared of losing the other one
the feeling of fear is attached
some other aspect of the environnement
If you avoid it, you feel better
So the more you feel better, the more you avoid the fear
So every time you avoid something, you re-enforce the fear
But it's by nature a reversal process
expose yourself to things that you think are dangerous
and you wait until you don't fell scarred anymore
Track Name: Extatique Carnassière
What can we do as individuals ?
Great question because there are no
physical, political, scientific or humanitarian action
that can gande the situation
If we don't change it individulaly first.
Les années passent, mes idées changent.
Desengage me from this social avatar
et de ses espoirs déçus, de ses espoirs déchus
La stèle scellée de la révolte se fracture
So full of wishes, never touched by wounds
So many deceptions that slow a little more each time
What made me the person I am, what brought me here
An easy access, a lust and confident model
My custom-made everyday life is
A fake everyone knows.
Progress or passion,
There is the question
Think about your choices
Scortched by daily routine
Swallowed back from time
Alienation of working habits
Eats you like a fucking sheep.
Maintes déceptions qui ralentissent, un peu plus à chaque fois
Trouver normal ce qu'on aurait autrefois abjuré
Un signe de sagesse se défendent les bien-pensants, les cons.
Délaissé par tes amours premiers, tu sombres dans l'homogénéité
Track Name: Anti-Hero
Le peuple a toujours besoin d'adorer des anti-héros
Nous portons tous des masques
Mais il arrive toujours un moment
Où il est trop tard pour les retirer
Sans que notre peau ne s'arrache
They came to me like wolves dressed in lambs
Just to learn the bitter taste of fear
Here I am, without face
Invisible, I became the shadow
They came to me like wolves dressed in lambs
Just to learn the bitter taste of fear
So far from the hero, I'm digging my way to become a zero
And after a last metamorphosis, i'll be the antihero
The antithesis of what you thought
At the very first beggining
The cosy coccon of hostility
The only way not to comtemplate
i'm only here to destroy
I'm only here to be
I am not a dream, not a memory,I am nothing real
I spit venom but I ignore the cure
Not to see my heroes are dead, They brought me with them.
L'effet caméléon résulte d'une trop grande pression sociale.
L'individu imagine qu'en faisant "comme tout le monde",
Il sera reconnu et intégré, ce qui est une illusion.
Le "jugement d'autrui", le "qu'en dira-t-on",
Stérilisent le développement de la personnalité et de la créativité.
Track Name: Prisme Nyctéméral
The Black goes deeper when light turns off its black candels
Sane sleep or nightmares, ancestral and immature phobia
As the moon declines into the deepest darkness
It flees the noise
My thoughts look like a livid sunday, crows fly all arround me
Day is light and carries my hopes
Black is nothingness, it means death and silence
Union of all colours is clear
Although the dominance of a single one
The moment when everythings turns black,
Fears of the unknown subject me
Like a storm in wich nothing is clear, the union of all colors
althought the dominance of a single one, the insecure one
Man fears Black so much that he creates a neverending light pollution wich hides the stars
And when light turns off its black candels, Black just goes deeper
Only the Mads don't fear black, a true mirror of ourselves
Night ain't only a childhood dismay
The true creatures of night just look different
Man fears Black so much that he creates a neverending light pollution wich hides the stars
When the day falls, we all expects sleeping and rest
But this means death, in a time when we do not act anymore
At this moment, nothing is able to distract us from our fears
Track Name: Entièrement Libre
Do you ever think about the big difference between reason and passion
Man is like a bug in the universe, an animal lost in a smooth constellation
The golden prisoncell law
So he forgets what his dreams should be
Feeling Sadness can turn you into Madness or something new
Destiny is a word for disorder but we deny it
We watch things rise and fall and can’t control it
People are computers, all you have to do is giving them
New updates, new uploads, every so often and you can change
An entire country or nation or a block of nations.
The scientific dictatorship understands what makes us tick
They understand our psychology, they've sytudied it
And they're using it against us
We're all getting the same uploads, the same upgrades in the same time
Along certian paths. Most people want to belong to the same group
They want to be the same as everyone else.
The minute the public will awake to the fact
that there is an agenda to manipulate them,
The establishment begins to loose that edge they've got over people
Forgetting the way to eternity, Forgetting the way to liberty
In a screaming silence of loneliness
the force of habbits always wins the game
Our chains makes rusty but never break
They're made of courage and selfishness.
Quelqu’un que vous avez privé de tout n’est plus en votre pouvoir. Entièrement libre
Track Name: Quand les Y s'éteignent
The beginning of Eve's daughters reign
The bury of man …
Our sacrosanct virility is turning to vacuum,
The end of the strongest male sex dominance
So what if Man's existence was just an accident of life ?
Artefact to decorate females basics,
Are we just details ?
An X that loss a piece on one of those dramatic days ?
Some superfluous complications to the Human Race … The Human race
Mother Nature is a “she” and she gets ridd of our arrogance
Proudness is made of vanity, they're the forces of opposition.
Nous savons, à peu près de manière certaine,
qu'il y a environ 300 millions d'années, il n'y avait pas de chromosome Y.
Feel the wind of change, see the signs everywhere
How will be the world without you, warriors, Kings and priests ? Maybe better …
The beginning of Eve's daughters reign